Corneal Transplant: Does Donor Age Matter?

This report looked at the 10-year results of the Cornea Donor Study (CDS), which evaluated the success rate of penetrating keratoplasty (PK) for endothelial disorders, according to donor age.

For this study, 1090 patients underwent PKs. The 10-year success rate was 77% for the 707 corneas from donors who were aged 12-65 years and 71% for the 383 corneas from donors who were aged 66-75 years; this difference was not statistically significant (P= .11). However, when analyzed as a continuous variable, older donor age was associated with lower graft clarity after the first 5 years (P< .001).

The 10-year success was essentially the same (75%) for donors in the middle age group between 34 and 71 years old but was higher (96%) for the 80 donors who were 12-33 years old and lower (62%) for the 130 donors who were 72-75 years old. Because approximately 75% of donors are in the 34- to 71-year-old age group, the study authors concluded that donor age is not an important factor in most of the PKs performed for endothelial disease.




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