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Omid Hospital 
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Our Caring Doctors...

Our caring Doctors

 Omid Educational Hospital of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, is one of the best center with the advanced facilities available for the best cancer treatment and follow-up research and treatment of cancer patients in the country and patients from surrounding provinces (Golestan, Mazandaran, Sistan and baluchestan, Kerman) and is responsive to all Khorasan province...

A brief History

pathology department



Omid hospital


Oncology Department...


Our Surgeons...

.Our Surgeons
Omid Hospital Radiology room Radiology room Chemotherapy Equipments in Omid Hospital Conference room
mid hospital mashhad iran



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Mashhad University of Medical Sciences Contact Details:
Main address: University St., Ghoraishy Building 91375-345 Mashhad, Iran ,
Tel:( 98 511) 841 2081-5 , Fax:( 98 511) 8430249 , E-mail: Info(at) Members: - Schools and Hospitals School: Dentistry , School: Health , School: Medicine , School: Nursing & Midwifery , School: Paramedical , School: Pharmacy , School: Traditional Medicine , Hospital: Dr.Sheikh , Hospital: Dr.Shariati , Hospital: Emam Reza , Hospital: Ghaem , Hospital: Hashemi Nezhad , Hospital: Ibn-e-Sina , Hospital: Khatam-al-Anbia , Hospital: Montaserie , Hospital: Ommul-Banin , Hospital: Omid , Hospital: Shahid Kamyab , Hospital: Taleghani , History: Mashhad Faculty of Medicine was officially opened on Nov. 23, 1949 by Dr Zanganeh, the minister of culture. The school started out with 61 students, one associate professor and seven tutors. In 1956, when the school of Arts opened, the two schools merged to form the University of Mashhad. In 1989, the faculties offering Medical Sciences' degrees across the country separated from the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. New emerging Medical Universities have gone under management of Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. Thus the original University of Mashhad was divided into two independent universities: "Ferdowsi University of Mashhad" and "Mashhad University of Medical Sciences'. Mashhad University of Medical Sciences operates at present with 8 faculties, 32 hospitals, 179 rural and 147 urban health centers. It covers an enormous area stretching from the north east to the central parts of the country, which makes it the largest university of Medical Sciences providing health care and treatment services. With 597 teaching staff, 1645 MDs with different specialties, 138 dentists, 123 pharmacists and 25, 402 employees, the university provides health care and medical services to the area's large population as well as to over 25 million tourists a year.

Omid Hospital, Alandash Square, Koohsangi Avenue, Mashhad-Iran, Tel.: (+98 51) 38426082-4, Fax: (+98 51) 38428622, E-mail:
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