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Users’ Feedback toward Mums English website’s products and podcasts

 (Persian comments has been rendered into English)



This is Dr. Elham Khodaverdi, Associate Professor of Mashhad Pharmacy School. It’s been a few days since I’ve joined the University’s English Channel. The channel was great, I really took pleasure in listening to the reports and reading the texts. You have my deepest appreciation for your inspiring movement. The proficiency of the speakers of the English Channel and their accents are truly admirable. I wish you the best of luck and success in your future endeavors.  

Sent from: Dr. Elham Khodaverdi, Associate Professor of Mashhad Pharmacy School


The interview about krocina tablet was A-OK. Thanks Mr. Fazeli and his team

Sent from: Dr. Mohajeri, Seyyed Ahmad, Faculty member of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences


Hi. I just wanted to say great job on the podcasts. I feel like I'm listening to morning Canada! I'd love to hear about more English programs. Congratulations! Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

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Hello. I am a student majoring in English Literature and I heard about your programs from a friend. I wanted to say great job. This is the first I have seen such a program in Iran. Keep up the good work.

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Hi. Hope you’re doing well. I recently got acquainted with your channel and just wanted to say what an innovative method you are carrying. I hope this program continues on. By the way, the speaker has a very native English accent. I truly liked it.

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Hello there. I believe the program is of high quality and very innovative. This executional program is really admirable.

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Greetings. I just had a few things I wanted to say about the audio files in your channel: if the objective was to teach English, it is recommended that you also consider users at lower English fluency levels, what I mean is all your files are on the professional level. Please consider this for your future works. Also, if your goal is to inform people about the latest news regarding the university, I must say this is a great way you have chosen. Peace be upon you.

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Hi. Your audio files are simply spectacular. It is a great way for you to introduce the capabilities of your universities professors to the public. I wish you good luck.

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Hello. I am also fluent in English and am satisfied with your audio files. If there is any opportunity for cooperation, I would be glad to work with you.

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