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researchable selected topics I

598 The Mechanism of Hearing Loss in Paget's Disease of Bone. Monsell, Edwin M. MD, PhD

607 Connexin 26 and Connexin 30 Mutations in Children with Nonsyndromic Hearing Loss. Erbe, Christy B.; Harris, Kevin C. MD; Runge-Samuelson, Christina L. PhD; Flanary, Valerie A. MD; Wackym, Phillip Ashley MD

612 Major Histocompatibility Gene Therapy: The Importance of Haplotype and [beta]2-Microglobulin. Salamone, Frank N. MD; Gleich, Lyon L. MD; Li, Ya-Qin MD; Stambrook, Peter J. PhD

616 Prognostic Value of Resection Margins in Supracricoid Laryngectomy. Gallo, Andrea MD, PhD; Manciocco, Valentina MD; Tropiano, Maria Luisa MD; Simonelli, Marilia MD; Marvaso, Vincenzo MD; D'Arcangelo, Enzo; de Vincentiis, Marco MD

622 Cochlear Changes in Chronic Otitis Media. Cureoglu, Sebahattin MD; Schachern, Patricia A.; Paparella, Michael M. MD; Lindgren, Bruce R. MS

Independent Papers

627 Reconstruction of Anterior Nasal Septum: Back-to-Back Autogenous Ear Cartilage Graft. Pirsig, Wolfgang MD; Kern, Eugene B. MD; Verse, Thomas MD

639 Comparison of Suture and Nasal Packing in Rabbit Noses. Genc, Erkhan MD; Ergin, N. Tan MD; Bilezikci, Banu MD

646 Impact of Resection of the Turbinates and the Lateral Nasal Wall on Particle Deposition. Rozsasi, Ajnacska MD; Leiacker, Richard; Rettinger, Gerhard MD; Lindemann, Jorg MD; Keck, Tilman MD

652 Airway Protection and the Laryngeal Mask Airway in Sinus and Nasal Surgery. Kaplan, Andrew; Crosby, Gregory J. MD; Bhattacharyya, Neil MD

656 Relationship of Petrous Temporal Bone Pneumatization to the Eustachian Tube Lumen. Jen, Albert MD; Sanelli, Pina C. MD; Banthia, Vishal MD; Victor, Jonathan D. MD; Selesnick, Samuel H. MD

661 Vascular Leiomyoma of the Head and Neck. Wang, Cheng-Ping MD; Chang, Yih-Leong MD; Sheen, Tzung-Shiahn MD

666 Chemokine RANTES Promoter Polymorphisms in Allergic Rhinitis. Kim, Jeong Joong PhD; Lee, Jung Hun MD, PhD; Jang, Chul Ho MD, PhD; Kim, Yong Shin PhD; Chae, Soo Cheon PhD; Chung, Hun Taeg MD, PhD; Choi, Tae Wook MD; Lee, Jae Hoon MD

670 The Impact of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux on Patient-Reported Quality of Life. Carrau, Ricardo L. MD; Khidr, Aliaa MD; Crawley, Joseph A.; Hillson, Eric M. PhD; Davis, Judith K.; Pashos, Chris L. PhD

675 Location and Timing of Initial Osteoid Deposition in Postmeningitic Labyrinthitis Ossificans Determined by Multiple Fluorescent Labels. Tinling, Steven P. PhD; Colton, J. MS; Brodie, Hilary A. MD, PhD

681 Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery Outcomes: Our Multidisciplinary Experience in 400 Cases Over 17 Years. Darrouzet, Vincent MD; Martel, Jacques MD; Enee, Veronique MD; Bebear, Jean-Pierre MD; Guerin, Jean MD

689 Perioperative Parathyroid Hormone Levels in Thyroid Surgery: Preliminary Report. Warren, Frank M. MD; Andersen, Peter E. MD; Wax, Mark K. MD; Cohen, James I. MD, PhD

694 Inner Ear Changes With Intracochlear Gentamicin Administration in Guinea Pigs. Okuda, Takeshi MD; Sugahara, Kazuma MD; Shimogori, Hiroaki MD; Yamashita, Hiroshi MD

698 p53-Positive Tumor-Distant Squamous Epithelia of the Head and Neck Reveal Selective Loss of Chromosome 17. Wolf, Christina MD; Flechtenmacher, Christa MD; Dietz, Andreas MD; Weidauer, Hagen MD; Abel, Ulrich PhD, MD; Maier, Heinz MD; Bosch, Franz X. PhD

705 Hormonal and Antihormonal Therapy for Epistaxis in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. Jameson, John J. MD; Cave, David R. MD, PhD

710 Origin of Nasal Polyps: An Endoscopic Autopsy Study. Larsen, Per L. MD; Tos, Mirko MD

720 Determination of Reactive Oxygen Species in Myringotomized Tympanic Membranes: Effect of Vitamin E Treatment. Polat, Senol MD; Ozturk, Ozmen MD; Uneri, Cuneyd MD; Yuksel, Meral PhD; Haklar, Goncagul MD; Bozkurt, Suheyla MD; Kullu, Sevgi MD

726 Timing of Human Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Gene Transfer in Reinnervating Laryngeal Muscle. Nakagawa, Hideki MD; Shiotani, Akihiro MD; O'Malley, Bert W. Jr., MD; Coleman, Michael E PhD; Flint, Paul W. MD

733 Prevalence of Olfactory Dysfunction: The Skovde Population-Based Study. Bramerson, Annika MD; Johansson, Leif MD; Ek, Lars MSc; Nordin, Steven PhD; Bende, Mats MD, PhD

738 Therapy for Acute Nonpurulent Rhinosinusitis With Cineole: Results of a Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial. Kehrl, Wolfgang MD; Sonnemann, Uwe MD; Dethlefsen, Uwe PhD

743 Mitomycin Does Not Prevent Laryngotracheal Repeat Stenosis After Endoscopic Dilation Surgery: An Animal Study. Eliashar, Ron MD; Gross, Menachem MD; Maly, Bella MD; Sichel, Jean-Yves MD

747 Head and Neck Manifestations of Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis. Arnold, Michelle G. MD; Arnold, John C. MD; Bloom, David C. MD; Brewster, Douglas F. MD; Thiringer, J. Kim DO

753 Auditory-Perceptual Scaling and Quality of Life in Tracheoesophageal Speakers. Eadie, Tanya L. PhD; Doyle, Philip C. PhD

760 Hyaluronan Levels in Acute Vocal Fold Scar. Thibeault, Susan L. PhD, CCC/SLP; Rousseau, Bernard MA; Welham, Nathan V. MSLT; Hirano, Shigeru MD, PhD; Bless, Diane M. PhD, CCC/SLP

765 Bacterial Infection After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: A Controlled Prospective Study. Bhattacharyya, Neil MD; Gopal, Harsha V. MD; Lee, Kun Hee MD

768 Protective Effect of Corticosteroid against the Cytotoxicity of Aminoglycoside Otic Drops on Isolated Cochlear Outer Hair Cells. Park, Seong Kook MD; Choi, Dukjoo MD; Russell, Paul MD; John, Earnest O. PhD; Jung, Timothy T. K. MD, PhD

772 Management of Descending Necrotizing Mediastinitis. Makeieff, Marc MD; Gresillon, Nicolas MD; Berthet, Jean Philippe MD; Garrel, Renaud MD; Crampette, Louis MD; Marty-Ane, Charles MD; Guerrier, Bernard MD

776 Prediction and Surgical Management of Difficult Laryngoscopy. Kikkawa, Yayoi Suzuki MD, PhD; Tsunoda, Koichi MD, PhD; Niimi, Seiji MD, PhD

779 Inferior Turbinectomy in Conjunction With Septodermoplasty for Patients With Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. Ross, Douglas A. MD; Nguyen, Davis B. MD

782 Facial Nerve Grafting in the Cerebellopontine Angle. Sanna, Mario MD; Jain, Yogesh MS; Falcioni, Maurizio MD; Mancini, Fernando MD; Romano, Guglielmo MD

786 Upper Esophageal pH Monitoring of Children With the Bravo pH Capsule. Bothwell, Marcella MD; Phillips, Jeff Pharm D; Bauer, Susan APN

789 Value of Fine-Needle Aspiration Cytology of Parotid Gland Masses. Sergi, Bruno MD, PhD; Contucci, Alessia M. MD; Corina, Luigi MD; Paludetti, Gaetano MD

393 Implications of Prognostic Factors and Risk Groups in the Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer. Shaha, Ashok R. MD

403 Safety of Modified Radical Neck Dissection for Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma. Kupferman, Michael E. MD; Patterson, D. Michael BA; Mandel, Susan J. MD MPH; LiVolsi, Virginia MD; Weber, Randal S. MD

407 Endoscopic Neck Surgery: Resection of the Submandibular Gland in a Cadaver Model. Terris, David J. MD; Haus, Brian M.; Gourin, Christine G. MD

411 Factors Predictive of Local Disease Control after Intra-arterial Concomitant Chemoradiation (RADPLAT). Robbins, K. Thomas MD; Doweck, Ilana MD; Samant, Sandeep MD; Vieira, Francisco MD; Kumar, Parvesh MD

418 Dysregulation of Hypoxia Inducible Factor-1[alpha] in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Lines Correlates With Invasive Potential. Cohen, Noam A. MD, PhD; Lai, Stephen Y. MD, PhD; Ziober, Amy F. JD; Ziober, Barry L. PhD

424 Utility of Image Guided Surgery in the Diagnosis of Pterygopalatine Fossa Lesions. Aronsohn, Michael S. MD; Stringer, Scott P. MD, MS; Brown, Heather M. MD

428 Clinical Results with the Med-El Compressed and Split Arrays in the United States. Bauer, Paul W. MD; Roland, Peter S. MD

434 Octreotide Scintigraphy in the Head and Neck. Bustillo, A. MD; Telischi, F. MD, MEE; Weed, D. MD; Civantos, F. MD; Angeli, S. MD; Serafini, A. MD; Whiteman, M. MD

441 Uvulopalatoplasty (UP2): A Modified Technique for Selected Patients. Friedman, Michael MD; Ibrahim, Hani MD; Lowenthal, Sarah MD; Ramakrishnan, Vidyasagar MBBS, MS; Joseph, Ninos J. BS

450 Incidence of Serious Complications After Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty. Kezirian, Eric J. MD, MPH; Weaver, Edward M. MD, MPH; Yueh, Bevan MD, MPH; Deyo, Richard A. MD, MPH; Khuri, Shukri F. MD; Daley, Jennifer MD; Henderson, William PhD

454 Staging of Obstructive Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Syndrome: A Guide to Appropriate Treatment. Friedman, Michael MD; Ibrahim, Hani MD; Joseph, Ninos J. BS

460 Hospital Use in the Treatment of Sleep Apnea. Petersen, Erik J. MD; Reiter, Evan R. MD

467 Quantitative Analysis of Fungal DNA in Chronic Rhinosinusitis. Scheuller, Michael C. MD; Murr, Andrew H. MD; Goldberg, Andrew N. MD; Mhatre, Anand N. PhD; Lalwani, Anil K. MD

472 Otitis Media: Treatment With Intranasal Aerosolized Surfactant. Chandrasekhar, Sujana S. MD; Mautone, Alan J. PhD

486 Effectiveness of Laser-Assisted Myringotomy for Otitis Media in Children. Cotter, Cheryl S. MD; Kosko, James R. MD

490 Long-Term Results of Armstrong Beveled Grommet Tympanostomy Tubes in Children. Lindstrom, D. Richard MD; Reuben, Brian MD; Jacobson, Ken MD; Flanary, Valerie A. MD; Kerschner, Joseph E. MD

495 High-Frequency Pulsed Electromagnetic Energy in Tinnitus Treatment. Ghossaini, Soha N. MD; Spitzer, Jaclyn B. PhD; Mackins, Cynthia C. MS; Zschommler, Anne; Diamond, Beverly E. PhD; Wazen, Jack J. MD

501 Prevention and Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak Following Vestibular Schwannoma Surgery. Fishman, Andrew J. MD; Marrinan, Michelle S. MD; Golfinos, John G. MD; Cohen, Noel L. MD; Roland, J. Thomas Jr., MD

506 Impact of Mastoidectomy on Simple Tympanic Membrane Perforation Repair. McGrew, Benjamin M. MD; Jackson, C. Gary MD; Glasscock, Michael E. III, MD

512 Silent Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) of Tonotopicity and Stimulus Intensity Coding in Human Primary Auditory Cortex. Yetkin, F. Zerrin MD; Roland, Peter S. MD; Christensen, William F. PhD; Purdy, Phillip D. MD

519 Carbon Dioxide Laser Endoscopic Diverticulotomy Versus Open Diverticulectomy for Zenker's Diverticulum. Chang, C. W. David MD; Burkey, Brian B. MD; Netterville, James L. MD; Courey, Mark S. MD; Garrett, C. Gaelyn MD; Bayles, Stephen W. MD

528 Endoscopic Transnasal Transpterygopalatine Fossa Approach to the Lateral Recess of the Sphenoid Sinus. Al-Nashar, Ismail S. MD; Carrau, Ricardo L. MD; Herrera, Alfredo MD; Snyderman, Carl H. MD

533 Supporting Cells As a Target of Cisplatin-Induced Inner Ear Damage: Therapeutic Implications. Ramirez-Camacho, Rafael MD, PhD; Garcia-Berrocal, Jose Ramon MD, PhD; Bujan, Julia MD, PhD; Martin-Marero, Alejandro MD; Trinidad, Almudena MD

538 Vitamin E Reduces Cisplatin Ototoxicity. Kalkanis, James G. MD; Whitworth, Craig MA; Rybak, Leonard P. MD, PhD

543 Dimensional Stability of the Free Fascia Grafts: A Human Study. Indorewala, Shabbir MS (ENT); Pagare, Rajendra MS (ENT); Aboojiwala, Shabbir DNB (ENT); Barpande, Swati MS (ENT)

548 Prevention of Vocal Fold Scarring by Topical Injection of Hepatocyte Growth Factor in a Rabbit Model. Hirano, Shigeru MD; Bless, Diane M. PhD; Rousseau, Bernard MA; Welham, Nathan MSLT; Montequin, Douglas PhD; Chan, Roger W. PhD; Ford, Charles N. MD

557 Epiglottitis in the Hemophilus influenzae Type B Vaccine Era: Changing Trends. Shah, Rahul K. MD; Roberson, David W. MD; Jones, Dwight T. MD

561 Untreated Chronic Rhinosinusitis: A Comparison of Symptoms and Mediator Profiles. Kuehnemund, Matthias MD; Ismail, Chaim MD; Brieger, Juergen PhD; Schaefer, Dirk; Mann, Wolf J. MD, PhD, FACS

566 Nonsyndromic 35 delG Mutation of the Connexin 26 Gene Associated With Deafness in Syndromic Children: Two Case Reports. Venail, Frederic MD; Roux, Anne-Francoise PhD; Pallares-Ruiz, Nathalie PhD; Claustres, Mireille MD, PhD; Blanchet, Patricia MD; Gardiner, Quentin MD; Mondain, Michel MD, PhD

570 Delayed Nerve Repair Is Associated With Diminished Neuroenhancement by FK506. Brenner, Michael J. MD; Fox, Ida K. MD; Kawamura, David H. MD; Yu, Vivian M.; Lowe, James B. III, MD, MBA; Hunter, Daniel A.; Mackinnon, Susan E. MD

577 Does Cerumen Have a Risk for Transmission of Hepatitis B? Kalcioglu, M. Tayyar MD; Durmaz, Riza PhD; Ozturan, Orhan MD; Bayindir, Yasar MD; Direkel, Sahin Biolog

581 Mal de Debarquement and Posture: Reduced Reliance on Vestibular and Visual Cues. Nachum, Zohar MD; Shupak, Avi MD; Letichevsky, Vadim MD; Ben-David, Jacob MD; Tal, Dror PhD; Tamir, Ada DSc; Talmon, Yoav MD; Gordon, Carlos R. MD, DSc; Luntz, Michal MD

587 Nasal Fractures: The Taming of the Shrewd. Fernandes, Sylvester Valentine FRCSEd, FRACS, FACS

593 Office-Based Digital Photography in Rhinology. Manarey, Casey R. A. MD; Anand, Vijay K. MD

187 Advocate for Patient Care. Johnson, Jonas T. MD



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