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researchable selected topics II
188 Use of the 70-Degree Diamond Burr in the Management of Complicated Frontal Sinus Disease. Chandra, Rakesh K. MD; Schlosser, Rodney MD; Kennedy, David W. MD
193 Different Endoscopic Surgical Strategies in the Management of Inverted Papilloma of the Sinonasal Tract: Experience with 47 Patients. Tomenzoli, Davide MD; Castelnuovo, Paolo MD; Pagella, Fabio MD; Berlucchi, Marco MD; Pianta, Luca MD; Delu, Giovanni MD; Maroldi, Roberto MD; Nicolai, Piero MD
201 Comparison of Topical Medication Delivery Systems after Sinus Surgery. Miller, Timothy R. MD; Muntz, Harlan R. MD; Gilbert, M. Erik MD; Orlandi, Richard R. MD
205 The Effects of Upper Airway Surgery for Obstructive Sleep Apnea on Nasal Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Settings. Masdon, James Lee MD; Magnuson, J. Scott MD, FACS; Youngblood, Garland
208 Outpatient Endoscopic Zenker Diverticulotomy. Gross, Neil D. MD; Cohen, James I. MD, PhD; Andersen, Peter E. MD
212 Propofol Decreases Waste Anesthetic Gas Exposure During Pediatric Bronchoscopy. Zestos, Maria M. MD; Bhattacharya, Debashish MD; Rajan, Sankar MD; Kemper, Sharon DO; Haupert, Michael DO
216 Vestibular Nerve Section Versus Intratympanic Gentamicin for Meniere's Disease. Hillman, Todd A. MD; Chen, Douglas A. MD, FACS; Arriaga, Moises A. MD, FACS
223 Functional Outcome After Total Parotidectomy Reconstruction. Fee, Willard E. Jr., MD; Tran, Lynn E. MD
227 The Diagnostic Utility of Computed Tomography for Preoperative Localization in Surgery for Hyperparathyroidism. Gross, Neil D. MD; Weissman, Jane L. MD; Veenker, Elizabeth; Cohen, James I. MD, PhD
232 Role of the Physician Versus the Patient in the Detection of Recurrent Disease Following Treatment for Head and Neck Cancer. Agrawal, Amit MD; deSilva, Brad W. MD; Buckley, Brooke M. MD; Schuller, David E. MD
236 Endoscopic Vertical Partial Laryngectomy. Davis, R. Kim MD; Hadley, Kevin MD; Smith, Marshall E. MD
241 Current Applications of Microarrays in Head and Neck Cancer Research. Warner, Giles C. MSc, FRCS Eng; Reis, Patricia P. PhD; Makitie, Antti A. MD, PhD; Sukhai, Mahadeo A. MSc; Arora, Shilpi PhD; Jurisica, Igor PhD; Wells, Richard A. MD, PhD; Gullane, Patrick MD; Irish, Jonathan MD; Kamel-Reid, Suzanne PhD
249 Myxoma of the Lateral Skull Base: Clinical Features and Management. Windfuhr, J. P. MD; Schwerdtfeger, F. P. MD
255 Nasal Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks: Critical Review and Surgical Considerations. Schlosser, Rodney J. MD; Bolger, William E. MD, FACS
266 Use of Sodium Fluorescein Solution for Detection of Cerebrospinal Fluid Fistulas: An Analysis of 420 Administrations and Reported Complications in Europe and the United States.
Keerl, Rainer MD; Weber, Rainer K. MD; Draf, Wolfgang MD, FRCS Ed; Wienke, A.; Schaefer, Steven D. MD, FACS
273 Experimental Sinusitis in a Rhinogenic Model. Kara, Cuneyt Orhan MD; Cetin, Cigdem Banu MD; Demirkan, Nese MD; Sengul, Mustafa PhD; Topuz, Bulent MD; Pnar, Hilmi Safak MD [latin dotless i]; Pakdemirli, Emre MD
279 Pathology of the Olfactory Mucosa: Implications for the Treatment of Olfactory Dysfunction. Kern, R. C.; Conley, D. B.; Haines, G. K. III;; Robinson, A. M.
286 Effect of Clarithromycin on Nuclear Factor-[kappa]B and Transforming Growth Factor-[beta] in Chronic Rhinosinusitis. Wallwork, Ben MD; Coman, William MD; Mackay-Sim, Alan PhD; Cervin, Anders MD, PhD
291 Juvenile Angiofibromas: Changing Surgical Concept Over the Last 20 Years. Mann, Wolf J. MD, PhD; Jecker, Peter MD, PhD; Amedee, Ronald G. MD
294 The Effect of Electrocautery Versus Cold Scalpel Technique on the Incidence of Early Postoperative Tonsillar Pillar Dehiscence After Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty With Tonsillectomy. Altman, Jerald S. MD; Senior, Brent MD; Ransom, Elizabeth MD
297 Complications of Microdebrider-Assisted Powered Intracapsular Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. Sorin, Alexander MD; Bent, John P. MD; April, Max M. MD; Ward, Robert F. MD
301 Effects of Tisseel and FloSeal on Primary Ischemic Time in a Rat Fasciocutaneous Free Flap Model. Partsafas, Aaron W. BS; Bascom, Daphne A. MD, PhD; Jorgensen, Scott A. BS; Wax, Mark K. MD
305 Optimum Tension for Partial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis Reconstruction in the Human Middle Ear. Morris, David P. BSc, MBBS; Bance, Manohar MB, MSc; van Wijhe, Rene G. BSc, Meng; Kiefte, Michael BA, PhD; Smith, Rachael MD
309 Cochlear Implantation in Children with Congenital Inner Ear Malformations. Buchman, Craig A. MD; Copeland, Benjamin J. MD, PhD; Yu, Kathy K. MD; Brown, Carolyn J. MS, CCC-SLP; Carrasco, Vincent N. MD; Pillsbury, Harold C. III, MD
317 Surgical Management of Complications after Hearing Aid Fitting. Kohan, Darius MD; Sorin, Alexander MD; Marra, Stephen MD; Gottlieb, Marc MD; Hoffman, Ronald MD
323 Long-Term Effects of Cerebellar Retraction in the Microsurgical Resection of Vestibular Schwannomas. Kim, Harold H. MD; Johnston, Ross MD; Wiet, Richard J. MD, FACS; Kumar, Arvind MD, FRCS
327 Vertebrobasilar Occlusive Disorders Presenting as Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Sauvaget, E. MD; Kici, S. MD; Petelle, B. MD; Kania, R. MD; Chabriat, H. MD, PhD; Herman, Ph. MD, PhD; Tran Huy, P. Ba MD
333 Ebselen-Mediated Protection From Single and Repeated Noise Exposure in Rat. Lynch, Eric D. PhD; Gu, Rende MD; Pierce, Carol MS, CCCA; Kil, Jonathan MD
338 Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials and Glycerol Testing.
Magliulo, Giuseppe MD; Cuiuli, Giuseppe MD; Gagliardi, Mario MD; Ciniglio-Appiani, Giuseppe MD; D'Amico, Raffaello MD
344 Audiovestibular Findings in Patients with Mitochondrial A1555G Mutation. Noguchi, Yoshihiro MD; Yashima, Takatoshi MD; Ito, Taku MD; Sumi, Takuro MD; Tsuzuku, Toshihiro MD; Kitamura, Ken MD
349 Multicenter Initiative Seeking Critical Genes in Respiratory Papillomatosis. Buchinsky, Farrel J. MD; Derkay, Craig S. MD; Leal, Suzanne M. PhD; Donfack, Joseph PhD; Ehrlich, Garth D. PhD; Post, J. Christopher MD, PhD
358 Clinical Predictors of Difficult Laryngeal Exposure. Hsiung, Ming-Wang MD; Pai, Lu PhD; Kang, Bor-Hwang MD, PhD; Wang, Bing-Long PhD; Wong, Chih-Shung MD, PhD; Wang, Hsing-Won MD, PhD
364 Microbiology of Stents in Laryngotracheal Reconstruction. Simoni, Payman MD; Wiatrak, Brian J. MD
368 Effects of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Gene Transfer on Myosin Heavy Chains in Denervated Rat Laryngeal Muscle. Flint, Paul W. MD; Nakagawa, Hideki MD; Shiotani, Akihiro MD; Coleman, Michael E. PhD; O'Malley, Bert W. Jr, MD
372 Inspiratory Activation of the Vocal Cord Adductor, Part I: Human Study in Patients With Restricted Abduction of the Vocal Cords. Shiba, Keisuke MD; Isono, Shiroh MD; Sekita, Yasuko MD; Tanaka, Atsuko MD
376 Inspiratory Activation of the Vocal Cord Adductor, Part II: Animal Study in the Cat. Sekita, Yasuko MD; Shiba, Keisuke MD; Nakazawa, Ken PhD; Numasawa, Tamaki MD; Isono, Shiroh MD
381 Parotidectomy Using the Harmonic Scalpel. Markkanen-Leppanen, Mari MD; Pitkaranta, Anne MD, PhD
383 Direct Tissue Expansion of the Contracted Nose. Verret, D. J. MD; Ducic, Yadranko MD, FRCS(C), FACS
386 Permeatal Temporalis Fascia Graft Harvesting for Minimally Invasive Myringoplasty. Chow, Lawrence Chun Kuen FRCS; Hui, Yau FRCS; Wei, William Ignace MS
1 Electronic Medical Publishing. Johnson, Jonas T. MD, 2 Candidate's Thesis: The Application of Sentinel Node Radiolocalization to Solid Tumors of the Head and Neck: A 10-Year Experience. Alex, James C. MD
20 Management of Neck Metastasis with Carotid Artery Involvement. Freeman, Stephen B. MD, FACS; Hamaker, Ronald C. MD, FACS; Borrowdale, Richard B. MD; Huntley, Tod C. MD, FACS
25 Meningioma of the Jugular Foramen: Glomus Jugulare Mimic and Surgical Challenge. Gilbert, M. Erik MD; Shelton, Clough MD; McDonald, Andre MD; Salzman, Karen L. MD; Harnsberger, H. Ric MD; Sharma, Pramod K. MD; Jensen, Randy L. MD, PhD
33 Hydroxyapatite Cement in Temporal Bone Surgery: A 10 Year Experience. Kveton, John F. MD; Coelho, Daniel H. MD
38 Tissue-Engineered Human Nasal Septal Cartilage Using the Alginate-Recovered-Chondrocyte Method. Chia, Stanley H. MD; Schumacher, Barbara L. BS; Klein, Travis J. MS; Thonar, Eugene J.-M.A. PhD; Masuda, Koichi MD; Sah, Robert L. MD, ScD; Watson, Deborah MD
46 The Effects of the Plasminogen Pathway on Scar Tissue Formation.
Samara, Ghassan J. MD; Schaffner, Adam D. MD; Eisenstat, Jonathan MD; Nguyen, Hoang-Lan T. PhD
50 Time Scale for Periosteal Readhesion After Brow Lift. Kim, Jenny C. MD; Downs, J. Crawford PhD; Azuola, Maria E. MD; Graham, H. Devon III, MD
56 Internal Jugular Vein Thrombosis and Deep Neck Infection from Intravenous Drug Use: Management Strategy. Lin, Doris MD; Reeck, Jay B. MD; Murr, Andrew H. MD
61 Ossicular Reconstruction with Titanium Prosthesis. Martin, Angela D. MD; Harner, Stephen G. MD
65 Results With Titanium Ossicular Reconstruction Prostheses. Gardner, Edward K. MD; Jackson, C. Gary MD; Kaylie, David M. MD
71 Electrophysiologic Effects of Placing Cochlear Implant Electrodes in a Perimodiolar Position in Young Children. Wackym, Phillip A. MD; Firszt, Jill B. PhD; Gaggl, Wolfgang MSE; Runge-Samuelson, Christina L. PhD; Reeder, Ruth M. MA, CCC-A; Raulie, Jennifer C. MA, CCC-A
77 Bilateral Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHAs): An Audiometric Evaluation. Priwin, Claudia MD; Stenfelt, Stefan PhD; Granstrom, Gosta PhD; Tjellstrom, Anders PhD; Hakansson, Bo PhD
85 Comparison of Free Radicals and Antioxidant Enzymes in Chronic Otitis Media With and Without Tympanosclerosis. Karldag, Turgut MD [latin dotless i]; Ilhan, Nevin MD; Kaygusuz, Irfan MD; Keles, Erol MD; Yalcn, Sinasi MD [latin dotless i]
90 Prothrombotic Factors in Children with Otitis Media and Sinus Thrombosis. Oestreicher-Kedem, Yael MD; Raveh, Eyal MD; Kornreich, Liora MD; Yaniv, Isaac MD; Tamary, Hannah MD
96 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Activation in Subcortical Auditory Pathway. Yetkin, F. Zerrin MD; Roland, Peter S. MD; Mendelsohn, Dianne B. MD; Purdy, Phillip D. MD
102 Long-Term Results after Interval Therapy with Intratympanic Gentamicin for Meniere's Disease.
Lange, Gert MD; Maurer, Jan MD; Mann, Wolf MD
106 Endoscopic Surgery for Recurrent Inverted Papilloma. Lee, Ta-Jen MD; Huang, Shiang-Fu MD; Lee, Li-Ang MD; Huang, Chi-Che MD
113 Evaluation of the Inferior Turbinate in Patients With Deviated Nasal Septum by Using Computed Tomography. Egeli, Erol MD; Demirci, Levent MD; Yazycy, Burhan MD; Harputluoglu, Ugur MD
118 Distribution of 3-Nitrotyrosine in the Nasal Polyps Of Atopic Patients. Ruffoli, R. MD; Ursino, F. MD; Fattori, B. MD; Scavuzzo, M. C. PhD; Paparelli, A. PhD, MD; Gesi, M. PhD; Rocchi, V. MD; Giambelluca, M. A. PhD; Giannessi, F. PhD, MD
126 Smoking in Chronic Rhinosinusitis: A Predictor of Poor Long-Term Outcome After Endoscopic Sinus Surgery. Briggs, Russell D. MD; Wright, Steven T. MD; Cordes, Stephanie MD; Calhoun, Karen H. MD
129 Microbiology of Recurrent Acute Rhinosinusitis. Brook, Itzhak MD, MSc; Frazier, Edith H. MSc
132 Sleep Disordered Breathing: Surgical Outcomes in Prepubertal Children. Guilleminault, Christian MD, BiolD; Li, Kasey K. MD, DDS; Khramtsov, Andrei MD; Pelayo, Rafael MD; Martinez, Sandra MD
138 Viscoelasticity of Rabbit Vocal Folds After Injection Augmentation. Dahlqvist, Ake MD, PhD; Garskog, Ola MD; Laurent, Claude MD, PhD; Hertegard, Stellan MD, PhD; Ambrosio, Luigi PhD; Borzacchiello, Assunta PhD
143 Granular Cell Tumor of the Trachea in Pregnancy: A Case Report and Review of Literature. Ipakchi, Ramin MD; Zager, Warren H. MD; de Baca, Monica E. MD; Bloedon, Esa; McCue, Peter A. MD; Zwillenberg, David MD
148 Clinical and Histological Healing of Surgical Wounds Treated With Mitomycin C. Ribeiro, Fernando de Andrade Quintanilha MD; Guaraldo, Lusiele PhD; Borges, Janaina de Padua; Zacchi, Flavia Fernanades Silva MD; Eckley, Claudia A. MD
153 Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Undifferentiated Carcinoma of the Nasopharynx. Leong, Jern-Lin FRCS(Glasg); Loh, Kwok Seng FRCS(Glasg); Putti, Thomas Choudhary MD(Path), Dip(ABD), FCAP; Goh, Boon Cher MRCP(UK), M.Med(Int. Med); Tan, Luke Kim Siang MmedSci, FRCS(England)
158 Recurrent Pleomorphic Adenoma of the Parotid Gland: A Prospective Histopathological and Immunohistochemical Study. Stennert, Eberhard MD; Wittekindt, Claus MD; Klussmann, Jens Peter MD; Arnold, Georg MD; Guntinas-Lichius, Orlando MD
164 Orbitozygomatic Resection of Meningiomas of the Orbit. Ducic, Yadranko MD FRCS(C), FACS
171 The Impact of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome on Otorhinolaryngological Services at The Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong. Vlantis, Alexander C. FCS; Tsang, Raymond K. Y. FRCS; Wong, Duncan K. K. MRCS; Woo, John K. S. FRCS; van Hasselt, C. Andrew FRCS
175 Technique of En Block Laser Endoscopic Frontolateral Laryngectomy for Glottic Cancer. Zeitels, Steven M. MD, FACS; Dailey, Seth H. MD; Burns, James A. MD
181 Pharyngeal Entry through the Vallecula. Wei, William I. FRCS, FRCSE, FACS; Ho, W.K. FRCSE, FACS; Ng, Raymond W.M. FRCSE


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