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MUMS Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Ebrahimi, Mahdi
Dr. Ebrahimi, Mahdi
Associate Professor, PhD in Theology

Email: EbrahimiM[at]

Telephone No.: +98 51 384307


The word security means to protect and care. Office of Security is responsible and refers to the unit tasked with a sensitive and important components of health care organizations against possible damage types.

Protective duties:

1 - Protecting the health of office staff (personnel protection)
2 - Protection of news and information system (protected documents)
3 - Identify threats and vulnerabilities reflection device
4 - Security protection of sites and facilities (physical protection)
5 - Protection of classified documents (documents protected)
6 - The highest level of security consulting organizations (Data protection)
7 - Anticipation and prevention of illegal activities (personnel protection)
8 - To identify factors causing dissatisfaction with elements (personnel protection)
9 - Editing guidelines Protection
10 - Monitoring staff traffic control and ... The student media
11 - Organizing training for personnel subset
12 - Protection plan and issue the necessary instructions for how to protect the storage hardware and software systems (protecting IT)
13 - Necessary training  to protect information in computer systems (protecting IT)
14 - Communicated the directive to protect computer systems to the officials, personnel and systems users
Director of Student Affairs: Dr. Khoshraftar, ali
Tel.: +98 511 8820050 internal 243
Student management:
The task management and follow-up investigation Affairs is responsible for the welfare of students, which is composed of three offices
1 -  Accommodation office:
Pursuing Students settlement is the responsibility of this office. Medical University dormitory complex consists of three separate residences Baharestan 1, 2 and 3 for sisters and Golestan and Bustan for accommodating brothers. Students can visit the site to complete accommodation application form. Student transportation services are done on schedule from 7 am till 9 pm between accommodation and school.
2 - Department of Nutrition:
Nutrition Department duty is to prepare dinner and lunch for students during the academic year except holidays. The two restaurants located on University Avenue and the other on campus dormitory. Students to receive nutrition card, are referred to the Department of Nutrition to receive a temporary card  nutrition and then charge to any amount that they want through the global network Internet or Intranet for this purpose (with the acceleration banking networks) and reserve for their food.
3 - Department of Welfare and Cooperatives:
Student loans in this department includs:
1 - Educational Loan
2 - Deposit housing loans
3 - Marriage Loan
4 - loan for night periods and fees ...
Cultural Management:

Cultural Management of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, one of three deputy managing that is responsible for student cultural activities, faculty members and staff in the area of ​​Cultural Affairs.
Cultural Management at the University is located on Bahonar Blvd, Paradise Alley, Cultural Complex (mosque) and has a total of 11 personnel under the supervision of the Director of Cultural Affairs to organize student cultural affairs.

Major cultural events by the management are held at the university level include:

1 - Various celebrations and religious or national holidays
2 - Provincial and local camps outside the province for students and staff
3 - One day visits from various centers of cultural, social, and exhibitions and ....
4 - Holding Conferences and Festivals in the university
5 - Holding Koran national competitions (especially for the staff, teachers and students)
6 - Call for national samples of selected students
7 - Holding mourning ceremonies for religious occasions (Muharram and Safar and ...)
8 - Publishing Cultural and prayers books
9 - Participation in cultural programs with other cultural institutions in University trustee
10 - Selected students sent to festivals and national competitions
11 - Organizing cultural student dormitories
12 - Election Supervisory Committee on University publications
13 - Active participation in the Supervisory Board of Islamic - Political organizations
14 - Cultural macro planning with active participation in the University Council University
15 - Working with other managements (Student Management and Physical Education)

Management of physical education:

Director of Physical Education:
Dr. Sardar, muhammad ali
Tel.: +98 511 8820053

Management of physical education is located in the campus dormitory and has the following units:

1 - Education: training courses related to physical education I and II.
2 - Unit extracurricular sports public: planning and implementing programs related to sport and physical mobility of all students, including holding camps for recreational sports.
3 - Unit extracurricular sports championships: the planning and implementation of national championships, finding talented athletes, education and training provided to the athletes to participate in the events.

Job description:

1 - Track and monitor management of affairs during the absence of physical education Physical Education Director
2 - Do all the items related to physical education Sports
3 - Set exercise programs in the sports complex
4 - Teaching Physical Education I and II
5 - Follow the management duties of physical education

vice chancellor for student affairs mashad university of medical science

vice chancellor for student affairs mashad university of medical science

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